Saturday, January 24, 2009

Networks and tools to support learning

When I first started serving on the MSAD 75 District Service-Learning Leadership Team and the District Technology Committee, the networks were locked down and filtering software blocked many of the sites that I wanted to share with Sally and others on the committees.An example of a social network diagram.Social Network Image via Wikipedia I could not use my computer on the network and I could not share documents via Google Docs or the Zoho online tools because they could not get to the sites. By searching diligently and making selective recommendations, we opened access enough for people to see the value in opening access further. helped us see the value of social networking for communication and collaboration. helped us understand collaborative writing. A Zoho Creator database on Service-Learning Projects helped us understand the potential for distributed data collection.

While the number of people actively using these approaches is still relatively small, the processes are becoming parts of the ways we work together: Service-Learning Team Agenda and Notes. Thanks to Mike, Sally, Kerry, Casey, Lisa and others who have provided the leadership necessary to support these transformations.

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