Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Moultons: Computers Can, Computers Can't

Jim and Lu Moulton have published a book Computers Can, Computers Can't on Lulu. They urge balancing time spent using computers for the things they support well and time with "Any Century Skills".
Technology will be part of the future for all our children. 21st century skills are all the buzz as schools and families work to prepare their kids for successful lives. But effective use of technology requires a healthy emotional foundation built on rich real-world, people-connected experiences, and those experiences are sadly lacking for too many kids. This book helps families and educators support the development of kids who understand and take advantage of both real-world and virtual experiences, with the real-world ones serving as the foundation.

Lulu, a Web 2.0 publishing service to print individual copies of bound books, provides an easy on ramp for students who want to add published work to their portfolios.

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