Tuesday, January 20, 2009

iTeams and Obama's Inaugural Address

When I listened to Obama's speech, I heard references throughout that connect to our work on iTeams. He invited all Americans to commit to serve. So, shortly after students finished hearing the speech, I asked them what they heard. They didn't connect what they heard with our efforts with iTeams until we held up a lens together. I really wanted to share selected clips.
After we finished our meeting, I looked for video of the speech. At MSNBC.com, I found more than I had anticipated. They provide a very useful tool that includes a transcript of speeches and keywords in the transcript. The transcript must be time-code referenced because the tool supports selection of text in the transcript and the tool generates the embed code for that portion of the video. Obama's speech has not yet been processed. See what it looks like for Clinton's Second Inaugural:

[2009-1-21: Removed the clip because we now have access to President Obama's Address.]

Powerful stuff! I tried to copy the transcript text in order to include it in this post but I could not copy the text.

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SC Spaeth said...

Today, the full transcript of Obama's speech is available on line and can be searched and used to select content specific clips of the speech. I even found ways to copy the text, too.