Saturday, January 24, 2009

Illustrating iTeam activities

A small portion of the Cartesian coordinate sy...X-axis, Y-axis via WikipediaI wrote a post in my Elgg blog about how the Middle School iTeam had applied math concepts to understanding our work with the Teamboard, a touch-sensitive whiteboard. I tried to incorporate a picture that Derrick had drawn as part of our deliberations using the drawing feature of the Teamboard. But the process for adding an image to an Elgg post turned out to be confusing at best. I never succeeded in getting the image into the post.

While open-source versions of Web 2.0 tools are attractive for their lower cost, we need them to perform at least well enough that people are easily able to meet their objects without requiring a lot of extra effort in training or troubleshooting. How can we best make users experience closer to the 30 second effort it took to insert this similar image from the store of Creative Commons licensed images at Wikipedia?

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