Thursday, January 25, 2007

Testing ZohoPolls as a data aquisition medium

Can we use ZohoPolls to gather data from a distributed research team? One question is whether Blogger renders the poll and users can enter the results. The second question is whether the data are preserved in a state that is useful for the research.

Preliminary testing showed that tool works. Unfortunately, the data are aggregated during acquisition and are not available for detailed analysis. We will need to adjust the question or the tool.

Testing iframes in blogger

Testing the rendering of iframes in Blogger.
A number of web services encourage the embedding of their output in blogs and other web publishing venues:,,, and I suspect more now and many more in the future. I have been investigating use of these tools for collaboration and sharing. I have been using my PBJ blog at WSU as a test site because it was the only one that I had found that allowed me to embed iframes. I don't know how much longer CTLT will support PBJ and it is not a solution for the average user.

Google encouraged me to use their blogging service by requiring me to register to make a comment on a blog that I read recently. That gave me the opportunity to test embedding of iframes in blogger:

Yes, it works! Now I've got a solution that I can recommend to others.

How does this compare with other services?

I wanted to comment on Steve Hargadon's page about an interview and the comment function challenged me. It gave an option to use a google ID. The system gave me this profile and blog.