Sunday, April 4, 2010

Google Building Maker- evaluation

I read the Google Blog and learned about Building Maker, a browser-based 3D modeling program. I wanted to learn more and give some feedback so I explored and then took their survey. Here is my more extended response:
I am a technology integration specialist in a Maine School District (MSAD 75, Topsham, Maine) where we have one-to-one laptop implementation (Maine Learning Technology Initiative, MLTI) from grades 7 through 12. We are trying to identify ways for students to apply math concepts in service to their communities. We explored SketchUp modeling and found it to be more complex than we could manage with available resources. I decided to explore Building Maker as a potentially shallower learning curve.

I saw that one of your featured users, do nuko, was mapping extensively in Sapporo, Japan. I lived there many years ago but still recall the time fondly so I decided to explore the Building tools there. I suspect it will be some time before you provide Building Maker images for Topsham, Maine.