Sunday, January 25, 2009

iTeams Activity Log

Blog better using ZemantaImage by chucks via FlickrAs iTeams grow in members and engagement, it is important that we have a way to share our activities. So, in Thursday's meeting at the Middle School, we created the iTeam Activity Log. It is a form-based data collection tool that iTeam members can use to briefly log their activities. Since the tool is a Google form, it has a challenging url. Since it needs to be easy to use the tool, we learned how to add the link to the bookmarks toolbar so they have it at hand. Brandon tried to use his handheld device to enter the url manually and we discovered how important it is to have a link. Eric entered his record for the work he has been doing on the Introduction to iTeams presentation. I added one for my work on Zemanta support for blogging:
During my rereading about Zoho Creator databases on their blog, I discovered the ReBlog It tool that lead me to Zemanta. It seems like a potentially useful tool for sharing our work in iTeams so I posted several times using it. Some features are helpful but I'm still evaluating whether to use it regularly.
I suspect that we will need to make time during our meetings establish a pattern of using it where ever we do iTeams work.

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