Saturday, February 14, 2009

Improving iTeam Activity Logs

Mi sistema GTD en Google DocsMi sistema GTD en Google Docs
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Two iTeam members have recently acquired mobile devices. Since such devices seem to have great potential to support learning (Kolb, 2008 Toys to Tools: Connecting Student Cell Phones to Education), we are encouraging team members to explore and share what they are learning. For example, a member's use during a student initiated iTeam meeting lead to the exemplary discussion of preparation for the MLTI Conference that three members captured on video earlier this week.

One member has been trying to develop a project based on his device. He looked at the app that makes an iTouch into a remote for Keynote presentations. But he discovered it requires newest version of Keynote. Then, Erik encouraged him to look at the iTouch app development site to see whether he could develop a simple app. That seems like a very challenging project.

Google just announced a new feature for mobile access to its Spreadsheets:
Official Google Docs Blog: Add, edit, sort, and filter: Improved mobile access to spreadsheets: "Add, edit, sort, and filter: Improved mobile access to spreadsheets
Friday, February 13, 2009 6:30 AM
Over a year ago, we enabled view-only access to docs from mobile devices. This has come in handy for me because I use Google Docs spreadsheets to keep track of a lot of nerdy and not-so-nerdy things in my life. I've often found myself wanting to access my spreadsheet data on the go, when I'm not near a computer.

Today, I'm happy to announce that we've made mobile access even better by adding new capabilities with List View for spreadsheets. You can quickly view, edit, sort, and filter your spreadsheets on a variety of mobile devices including Android-powered devices like the T-Mobile G1, the iPhone and iPod touch, and the Nokia S60."
The member has been entering his iTeam activities to our Log using his device. So, this new capacity for the tools we are using may make it a more appropriate project for him. It may also serve to remind all of us to use and improve our Activity Log entries. I'll send the link to this post to him and ask if he wants to develop a project based on his prior experience and these resources that Google provides.

Note: The image in this post illustrates use of Google Docs to support the work management strategy called Getting Things Done (GTD). Kerry Gallivan has been looking at it as a way to support our activities.

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