Friday, February 20, 2009

Tech and Education: It's not rocket science- it's harder

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Sally Loughlin recently recommended Opening Up Education: The collective advancement of education through open technology, open content, and open knowledge by Iyoshi and Kumar (2008). John Seeley Brown endorses the concepts by writing a compelling preface.

Diana Laurillard struck a responsive chord for our work in both the university and the district. She acknowledges in her chapter, Open Teaching: the key to sustainable and effective open education, that "Technology is never the whole solution."
Using technology to improve education is not rocket science. It's much, much harder than that. Change in education is not a matter of a small number of extremely highly educated people moving a collection of obedient atoms form one place to another. It is about large numbers of partially trained people moving minds; millions of them. (p. 320)
The Carnegie Foundation supports open access to two online versions of this book under a Creative Commons License: pdf and ipaper. In providing this access, the authors and publishers have removed a barrier to using this resource for making required changes. What will we do to expand and extend the discussions and actions?

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