Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tech Studios- places for iTeam work

The Carnegie Foundation for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning held a conference entitled "Tinkering as a mode of knowledge production in a digital age" and captured perspectives of several speakers on video. John Seeley Brown describes a new world for learning.

Tinkering as a Mode of Knowledge Production in a Digital Age: John Seely Brown from carnegie commons on Vimeo.
Here are some key points (load the whole video and then use the sider to go to the indicated minutes:seconds):
  • 0:40: "Play with creating knowledge ..."
  • 1:20: "Create, reflect and share".
  • 1:35: "Peer-based learning communities..."
  • 2:33: "How do we construct an environment where we are constantly learning and teaching eachother?"
  • 4:50: "The architectural studio ... all work in progress is made public" (ideas similar to Donald Schon's Reflective Practitioner.
  • 7:00: "Technologies- Distributed communities of practice ..."
  • 8:35: "Put my stamp on something and then pass it back to the community ..."
  • 9:40: "Identity gets constructed in how I have participated in these networked communities..."
We watched snippets of this clip during our last iTeam meeting. Students clearly recognized that Brown was describing the process that they are helping to develop.

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1 comment:

BBat50 said...

Stephen - I come out of the video game development industry and am not trying to build a new generation of learning tools.

Your video on "making kids want to learn" might look to video games, they are essentially the single biggest success in education today. Kids not only spend hours and hours and hours learning to master detailed skills and strategies, they do it on an ongoing basis. And they PAY for it. Pretty cool, huh?

All your thoughts on community versis individual learning and kids learning to test their lessons are easily addressed by video game developers.

You lost me on your discussion of authority. I agree when you say that the world is different. Think peer to peer, knowledge of masses, and education that looks nothing like todays.