Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feedback on Draft Capstone Proposal Template

I created a document, MTA Capstone Proposal, to copy and share with individual students for them to have a framework for proposal preparation. Shared the request for feedback via email message to the Capstone Pilot Facebook Group and directly to other students who choose not to use Facebook accounts. Dan said that it looked okay to him but asked when they are 'due' and turned to the group for their opinions. Others nodded and no one objected to the goal of producing a draft immediately after returning from winter break.

We used the remaining time to meet with students individually for updates on their progress. Several students (Nick, Michelle, Haley) are a little frustrated by the lack of responses to their email queries and form submissions to potential mentors or volunteer coordinators. Michelle wants to help resolve this challenge by studying local volunteer opportunities. I told her about starting that process with the Topsham Library last week and that an expansion of that effort would be a great service to peers and the community.

When I copied the Proposal 'template,' I seem to have lost Sinjin's Capstone Logo. It seems as if it should copy over to the individual copies but I'll need to confirm that in subsequent distributions.

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Hey, just wanted to drop in and say how much I appreciate you taking the time to post this excellent info!

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