Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Capstone Pilot: getting the idea of design with students

If we really want students to take ownership of some portion of their learning, then it is essential that we encourage them to take part in the design of that experience. I'm hoping that the Pilot can include a significant amount of design-with rather than just design-for the participants.

Some of the students in our meeting this morning recognized that this is a real opportunity for them. For example, Dan recognized that if the Capstone Committee's documents are still a draft, then the members of the Pilot Project still have an opportunity to influence the design. He wanted to make sure that decisions of the Committee don't get formalized in ways that limit the kinds of project students can choose.

Student also reiterated their desire to be able to use the AST portion of the block schedule for its intended purpose. They have worked out systems to get the assistance that they want and need and don't have good alternatives other than the scheduled Advisory time. I met with Craig, Josh, and Claudette and we agreed to reassign students for both AST and Advisory. So, the Capstone Pilot will not face-off against academic support. Phew!

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SC Spaeth said...

Within minutes of my sending the announcement about using AST for its intended purpose, a student wrote back and said, "Thank you so much!!"

It seems as if at least some students want to be able to influence design of the project.