Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Technology for human ends

"How can we use technology to make
this a humanly possible job?"

I met briefly with Heather Sadlier this morning in order to coordinate our integrating parts of her course in social studies methods with Technology for teaching and learning. She is very busy at this time of year because she meets with each of her students to assess reciprocally. We didn't have as much time as either of us wanted so we spoke concisely. I read her syllabus and reviewed the text website last night, and perused the text she uses this morning. I found several points of intersection between the two courses that we will be able to develop.

She told me that her students like the lesson plans that Parker includes with his text because they want quality material but need to be able to use it efficiently. I pointed out that they are using technology to support their needs. Then I said that that is a major theme of the new course. When I said the words quoted above, Heather grabbed my pen and a piece of paper and wrote the quote. She identified it as the essential question for using technology for teaching and learning and insisted on my giving her a copy. Let's build a powerful learning community on them.

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