Saturday, December 15, 2007

Reading/Writing Workshop and GoodReads

Noelle Richard, a very recent graduate of UNE's Department of Education, presented her work at the Professional Education Review Board (PERB) yesterday. Candidates are charged with the task of showing the PERB panel of practicing educators that they understand and show evidence of having met the Maine Ten Initial Teacher Certification Standards. Standard Five addresses instructional strategies and technology:
Understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies and appropriate technologies.
Noelle described how she used Nancie Atwell's Reading/Writing Workshop approach in reading classes she taught at Saco Middle School (SMS). Maine's Middle Schools participate in the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) so each seventh and eighth grade student and teacher has a laptop. Noelle saw an opportunity to enhance the program with technology using GoodReads. She learned about the book-oriented social networking site from a friend and used it personally. She thought that SMS eighth-graders would probably learn from and enjoy using the site, too. She proposed the idea to her mentor and worked through details required for a pilot program (permissions, email logins, rules, ... ). She reported that students and teachers enjoyed and learned from their use of GoodReads. She certainly convinced the PERB panel that she met the Standards.

I find great promise in her experience. It shows how our students can take their experiences with recent developments in network technologies and build on them in professionally productive ways. Standard ten describes the importance of contributions to professional development.
Demonstrates a strong professional ethic and a desire to contribute to the education profession.
Noelle contributed to the professional practice of a receptive school community. She helped me identify a potential solution to an issue that Lisa Hogan and I have been discussing at the MSAD 75 wiki. By sharing her innovation with the PERB panel, she also contributed to our broader professional learning community.

Thank you, Noelle for your work and your sharing. I look forward to following your work at GoodReads.


Otis said...

We're so glad it went well! If we can make Goodreads at all better for future use please let us know!




SC Spaeth said...

I like the ideas behind the reading/writing workshop and enhancement with GoodReads so much that I decided to add the GoodReads widget to this blog.

The widget makes me think of the "button/pin" I wear on my coat that shows the cover of "The Secret Lives of Lobsters" by Trevor Corson. It was the Mid-Coast community read in 2005 but I still wear it to start conversations like this.

I chose my "current-reading" shelf because I still have not entered books onto my "read" shelf. Since I just added Corson's book to my read shelf, it is growing, too.