Friday, January 28, 2011

Full After School ITeam

A nearly full complement of 7th and 8th grade students participated in ITeam yesterday. For the most part, they attended well to experienced ITeam members sharing their projects. We spent most of our time sharing the projects that exemplify the directions in which we are encouraging ITeam to move this year: Green Screen, Creating the Scratch Spinner App, Alice, presentations to MLTI conference, ... .

New students spoke up when they had questions or when we asked for opinions. They were quiet when we sought suggestions for feedback and improvement. I gave brief meta feedback to students who shared. Cole, Coby and Charlie talked about their project, then worked on it while Drew, and Ariel shared Alice. By the end of our time, they shared progress on the spinner project. Clearly, we have got to find ways to build on students' interests in order to capture and sustain engagement.

Today Jen, Ariel, Laurel, Drew, Coby, and Evan thought that we should continue to encourage feedback as the best way for us to improve. Evan came a little later than others because he had difficulty locating his device. When he arrived, we met individually and he told me about his experiences programming robots. He might be part of a core-group on robotics.

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SC Spaeth said...

In trying to use Noteshare for Attribution and Citation testing, I discovered that someone has integrated quite a few Java applets into Noteshare. They include a plotting spinner that allows users to select the number of spins tested.
We should compare and contrast with the Scratch ITeam's efforts.