Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Capstone Images and Visual Search

As I worked on developing resources to support the Capstone Project Pilot, I saw periodic updates that Doug Ware and Dawn Prindall were also contributing. This morning, I learned that Dawn also searched for an image of capstones that she could use in a presentation for the Capstone Feedback Project (a set of four study circles). She found an image she liked and included it in a Keynote presentation that she shared on the PBWorks site.

I couldn't find any attribution on the image so I used Google Goggles to see if it could find the source. Goggles found the original image on the first try and I was gratified to see that she used a CC Licensed image from Wikimedia.

Stone Arch Bridge in Yuanmingyuan

By Shizhao (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

I like her image more than the ones I found which are associated with burial mounds. Perhaps I focused too much on the search term "capstone" rather than "arched stone bridges". But it also may be that she has identified a "keystone" rather than a "capstone".

When I added the Shizhao's image here, I learned that Wikimedia has also improved its support for appropriate citation of licensed materials (place the cursor over the image to reveal complete citation information in the title that displays over the image). These are tools that ITeam members can master and share with teachers as part of our efforts to support digital citizenship.

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