Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sharing video of learning process

Blogspot gives me a tool for adding video to this post. Will it work any better than the Video Upgrade at Wordpress.com?

I have been trying to locate one of my videos of this subject on my MLTI laptop and it is anything but straightforward. I can easily find and view the video I want but so far, I cannot get the file url into the upload tool.

By using the "Save for Web" item under the file menu of QuickTime, I was able to create and find the file for upload. While that convoluted process might have sufficed in the past, it doesn't encourage routine use. What can we do to facilitate easier use?

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SC Spaeth said...

This version of the AppInventor Lego Remote uses buttons rather than orientation and displays UltraSonic sensed distance as a chart and Rotation sensed distance as text. It illustrates an incremental development process.