Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mathematica Solution to the GyroBot Control

A Google search (forces inverted pedulum angular rate) produced this online view into a Mathematica Notebook addressing the challenge of robot control.

"Inverted Pendulum Controls" from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Note the much greater complexity than the solution that Barello describes in his version of the GyroBot. Perhaps we can derive insight from this demonstration to see how to implement an easier solution. Also note that Mathematica even provides a free viewer tool that allows an intermediate level of access to the model.

Mathematica model contributed by: Stephen Wilkerson (Towson University) and Nathan Slegers (University of Alabama, Huntsville) with contributions by Franz Brandhuber

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SC Spaeth said...

Another use of the Mathematica model is that it provides compelling evidence of the mathematics and physics connections with a challenge that elementary students solve kinesthetically.