Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MYAN Peer Leadership Award 2010 - Tim

Mt. Ararat High School holds award ceremonies to recognize the contributions and achievements of students. MTA High School recognized juniors during Advisory this morning. Organizers asked me to present Tim's MYAN Peer Leadership Award to him.

Find my remarks below:

MYAN is the Maine Youth Action Network, a state-wide organization dedicated to encouraging youth leadership development. They do this through a Peer-Leadership Conference and Workshops. At MTA, we know them best as one of the organizations that supported the development of Wellness Wednesdays.

The MYAN Youth Leadership Awards recognize young people who exemplify leadership in their groups, schools & communities. These youth are selected for their dedication and passion for making positive change.
Tim seeks out opportunities to help with technology in schools. He takes responsibility for his own learning in and out of school. He transfers knowledge and skills from work in the community to activities in school.
Beyond that, Tim is helping us to understand the mission and vision of our school:
MTA Vision and Mission Statement
At Mt. Ararat High School our vision is for every student to explore and work toward fulfilling his or her unique potential.
Tim is taking responsibility for shaping his high school experience to meet his and our needs:
  • He led the identification of the Network Challenge.
  • He contributes to technology use at the high school as an ITeam tech support person.
  • He works with District Technology Department to contribute a student perspective to network use at the high school.
  • He will participate in the competitive NextGen Operators program for the 2010 MLTI Student Conference. Tomorrow he will work along side Networkmaine, Apple and Cisco engineers to support the wireless network for 1000 MLTI laptops that students use in Orono.
  • His volunteer work at the middle and high school has convinced the District Technology Department to hire him during the summer to work on tech support.
  • Finally, he has also worked with Guidance, Staff and Mentors to create internship for next school year that will extend his work from the summer.
His leadership helps us understand how students can take a greater role in identifying learning opportunities important to them and make them happen.

Thank you, Tim, for your leadership!

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