Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wolfram|Alpha data for analysis

Wolfram|Alpha makes it possible to use data in several ways. This request via an iPhone to Integrate x sin dx displays information about the integration. The output frames provide access to the underlying data in several ways.
  • gif images of functions, plots and data tables
  • plain text versions of data tables with pipe delimiters
  • Mathematica notebooks to download for further analysis
Ruben Puentedura describes some of the Promise and Perils of Wolfram|Alpha. If we want to create cultures that use data to improve our practice, then we should invest some effort in navigating between the promise and the perils.

Note that I used a technique to share this the image from W|A that Brandon, a middle school ITeam member taught me. He demonstrates it at the end of this brief screencast.

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