Sunday, May 31, 2009

Embedding and crediting CC audio

Kate and I are exploring the possibility of creating a short video to demonstrate a dance activity that she and I discovered. She thinks it will amuse her students and I think it may augment our wellness routines. We need some music to drive the simulation and want to use files that are shared with a Creative Commons license for remix. I searched for "Creative Commons" and audio and found the legalmusicforvideos page at the Creative Commons site. That page points to the ccMixter site with its editorial/picks page. We played several clips and found one that matched our requirements. This post tests of embedding cc link to audio. I pulled the embed code from the share/19174 page and pasted it into the html editor in my blog. The embed code adds the player button and two links to the source.

The share page also encourages correct citation by providing this credit code, too:

The Ellinas performer's name link seems to be redundant but the CC BY 3.0 link probably marks the page for CC searches. I added the Trouz link because Ellinas remixed her work. ccMixter also invites remixers to provide information about uses of resources from their site. I'll add those after I finish this page. I added this post as a webpage that uses the licensed material but it has not yet been approved.

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