Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Career Pathways Resources

Sally Loughlin shared two books that articulate the framework for a Career Pathways initiative. In conversations about the place Career Pathways might take in our work, she searched for a figure from the book Career Pathways: Preparing students for life (Howard and Ill, 2004). I saw potential application for iTeams both as a planning resource and as project material for an iTeam. So, I borrowed the book and found excellent resources (including templates and planning documents) and a helpful copyright statement:
All rights reserved. When forms and sample documents are included, thier use is authorized only by educators, local school sites, and/or noncommercial entities who have purchased the book.
Since the high school has purchased multiple copies of the book, we satisfy the copyright condition. I searched for related online resources and found a SlideShare presentation that summarizes the book in 33 slides. The figure that Sally called to my attention is slide number 4 in this presentation.

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