Monday, May 14, 2007

Grass roots development and technology

The World Food Program uses a blog to encourage readers world-wide to understand and act on issues related to hunger and poverty. They also encourage other bloggers to spread the word with goals for sharing. I am using their tools to contribute to their goals and to understand how they have implemented the system. Fortunately, I copied text from the page that I wanted to use for a quote and can add the blockquote and paste the text below:
So I’ve asked around and it turns out there are all sorts of clever ways to generate electricity if you put your mind to it. A story in the Chicago Tribune talks about a foot-pedal-powered generator called a Weza that is now making all the difference in Rwanda. It’s a simple device, it’s portable, and humanitarian organisations are lending Rwandans the money to buy them.
The link to share simply provides the html for linking but requires that users understand html to make it work correctly. I would have found it more helpful to have worked like a bookmarklet.

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sendkathy said...

This is a bit of a tangent but I wonder if I'm the only one think about this in spin class?
I was interested to read about the foot peddle method of generating electricity. I have often mused about the amount of energy created in gyms across the country and around the globe that goes nowhere. If you think about all of the people using their bodies to move equipment like stationary bikes in spin class, rowing machines and other kinds of machine, imagine how much energy could be generated to produce electricity in our own country. This would be a great fitness model for a truly "green" entreprenuer to create a self sustaining gym where people worked out and their efforts produced real power instead of just fit bodies. In this country we take excersize for granted. It's for leisure. In other countries it's a necessity.
kathy shields