Sunday, March 25, 2007

Retesting Kelly-Zoho publishing innovation

Arvind found my post in Co-producing Innovation about the Kelly-Zoho publishing co-innovation and suggested a modification that might allow it to display as Kelly has proposed. Here, I try making the modification to see whether it works:

Apparently, it still does not work. Otherwise the post would display between the opening paragraph and this concluding paragraph. I tried the same test at Co-producing Innovation and Arvind's suggestion did not work there either. I'm glad I persisted. The script did not display in the preview of the post so I assumed that it would not show up in the published post. So I wrote the concluding paragraph so that I would have a record of the event and Arvind would have the feedback on his suggestion. Blogger gave me a pleasant surprise when it rendered the script in the published version. Note that I modified Arvind's suggestion in one respect: he suggested a non-breaking space   as a place holder. I tried that but switching back and forth among html, compose and viewing, Blogger lost the code for the non-breaking space. Instead, I just entered the word "tesTing". It survived the editor and does not display in the output.

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