Monday, March 12, 2007

Access to Zoho Scripts?

What will Blogger do with my Zoho Creator Scripts?

Unlike other blog engines, Blogger does not strip out the javascripts, it leaves them intact in the code. I even see in the status line that the brower has sent a request for data to Zoho Creator. But I don't see the results of requests to render the data into a table. That means that Blogger parses the javascript, but selects what it will render. If it were working, you would see a table of values in the open space below. I need to check out Google Pages because they serve Tiddlywiki pages which contain scripts. What are the differences?

Learning to use JSON at Zoho Creator

This page documents my efforts to learn how to tap into the Zoho Creator Database that I can create with little programming experience. The potential users include anyone who wants to take advantage of the power of distributed data entry and use. Exhibit, a part of the Simile Project at MIT, allows one to mashup data sources for interesting renderings of data. They have demonstrated use of a Google Spreadsheet as a data source but require that it have all kinds of special treatment. I wanted to learn whether Zoho Creator would offer a better interaction. The data in the table below are a subset drawn from one of my public Creator databases. It demonstrates that I can access and use JSON data from Zoho.


Mon. 10:00AM 11-Mar. 2007: By looking at tutorials at, I found the javascript I needed to run through the list of records: For...In Statement. I copied the code and inserted it into my page, made sure that it worked there and then started to modify it to see whether I could make it work in my case. Still need to use the full names that come from Creator to access the values but it works. Able with a little trial and error to add the table formatting to the output to get the results in a standard form.

Sun. 8:30PM 10-Mar. 2007: GOT IT! This javascript page requests the data from the JSON output at zohoCreator and pulls back the selected values. Confirmed that it was working by going to the Creator page and modifying the entries there and making sure that they are reflected in the output here. Noted that Zoho Creator is relatively slow in providing the output. This page takes only 8 ms to load but Zoho took 28 seconds to give back the answers. Will have to inquire about their response times. After editing again, I tested again and found that Creator responded in less than 18 seconds (to return 252 b). And on the third try, it returned the data in 2.99s.

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