Friday, February 23, 2007

Transferring time coded links from Google Video

Yesterday, I tried to transfer my comments from the space at Google Videos to this blog. I ran into several problems. I am trying it again with greater awareness of the challenges.

22 hours ago Mark as Spam
In this celebration of accomplishments of Read/Write culture, Lessig advocates for a new literacy:
18:30 New Literacy.
23:45 Recommends 2 action steps for individuals.

I typed the text above, copied only my comment from the page at Google Video, and then pasted the text here. Note that the font size of my additional text was changed by following the insertion. I will not preview to see whether that might help. I saved as a draft and have now reopened the post and will publish.


SC Spaeth said...

Even with this more conservative approach, the interface lost the time code reference to the first of the two links. It managed to keep the second. I'll leave the result with the error in place as evidence of the problem.

SC Spaeth said...

I returned to this video to examine the annotations that I added. The comments tool just spins waiting to load but never does. Tried subsequent days, too and that did not help. Guess that will teach me to save copies of work in places where I have more control, as well as the public spaces.