Thursday, February 22, 2007

Testing time-selected clips at Google video

Claude Almansi and I have been discussing approaches to collaboratively add value to web-based resources. In order to more fully appreciate Claude's perspectives, I looked beyond our direct exchanges. I found this page in Italian: Captioning. Since I don't read Italian, I got Google to help me translate Claude's page (translated by Google). While the machine translation left much to be desired, it helped me to understand Claude's perspective better. In the post, Claude encouraged readers to look at video of Lawrence Lessig's presentation at Wikimania 2006. So, I took Claude's suggestion and watched it.

While watching the video at Google video, I saw that Google had introduced the capacity to queue up the clip to a specific time and speed up the access. Since this greater degree of control addresses one of the issues that Euan Semple raised in his analysis More is less, I decided to test it. The Google video site makes it very easy to add a comment to the video which links directly one or more starting spots in the clip. Unfortunately, the commenting function in Google exhibits some of the limitations that Claude and I had discussed. You will be able to see my comment on the Google site but let's first show that the system can jump to a point other than the start.

After 18 minutes and 20 seconds, Lessig promotes the concept of a new literacy: New Video Literacy.

Then after a few more minutes, Lessig recommends action steps for individuals: Action steps.

I tried to modify the embedding code that Google video supplies to make this embedded player start at some point other than the start. Thus far, I have not gotten it to work.


When I tried to incorporate these links to selected parts of the video clip, the Blogger editor interface kept messing with my writing. I lost parts of what I wrote a couple of times before realizing that the editor was balking at ampersands (&) in the urls. So, I substituted the code & in the urls and then it accepted the texts. I wonder whether the problem comes from previewing before saving.

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