Thursday, January 25, 2007

Testing ZohoPolls as a data aquisition medium

Can we use ZohoPolls to gather data from a distributed research team? One question is whether Blogger renders the poll and users can enter the results. The second question is whether the data are preserved in a state that is useful for the research.

Preliminary testing showed that tool works. Unfortunately, the data are aggregated during acquisition and are not available for detailed analysis. We will need to adjust the question or the tool.


SC Spaeth said...

The more detailed results shows the comments but does not provide the underlying data. I assume that they only keep the running average of the ratings and thereby minimize the storage requirements for the tool. If this assumption is correct, then we will need to try
Zoho Creator
or another tool to capture all the desired information.

SC Spaeth said...

The embedded poll does not exist because I created it using a demo account and Zoho does not preserve anonymous polls.