Thursday, January 25, 2007

Testing iframes in blogger

Testing the rendering of iframes in Blogger.
A number of web services encourage the embedding of their output in blogs and other web publishing venues:,,, and I suspect more now and many more in the future. I have been investigating use of these tools for collaboration and sharing. I have been using my PBJ blog at WSU as a test site because it was the only one that I had found that allowed me to embed iframes. I don't know how much longer CTLT will support PBJ and it is not a solution for the average user.

Google encouraged me to use their blogging service by requiring me to register to make a comment on a blog that I read recently. That gave me the opportunity to test embedding of iframes in blogger:

Yes, it works! Now I've got a solution that I can recommend to others.

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plantle said...

I officially love you!!
although object elements don't work anyway