Monday, July 18, 2011

Posting from the Sugar Browser

Sugar TurtleArt: flower from nested repeats of a square.
TurtleArt Flower: nested repeats of a square.

Tony Forster regularly blogs about work he has done using Sugar. He shares that work at His work includes screen shots from Sugar. I wonder whether I am able to do similar work with my current install of Sugar (a Trisquel Virtual Machine running in VirtualBox). So, I am using this entry to test. I am able to add text and Blogger keeps my work.

Then, I tried to upload an image from the Sugar Journal. The browser let me select an image and previewed it. But, when I tried to submit the image to my Blogger picture-base, it threw me out of the Browser Activity and back into the Journal. I needed to sign in again and found that Blogger kept my text but did not add the image.

Now, I see that I have multiple tabs in the Sugar Browser and that I can return to editing my post before indicating that I am "Done." Blogger was able to successfully upload the image and integrate it into my post. Will have to learn what combination steps is required to reliably reproduce this process.

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SC Spaeth said...

I discovered the cause for the disconnect. Blogger provides a "Done" button in the image upload tab. When I click on the that button, the Browser Activity seems to interpret that as a message to close the entire Activity rather than as a message to close the just image upload tab.