Saturday, April 9, 2011 testing via Crocodoc

I have been testing the editor for Arduino. It works reasonably well in its current form but I need access to some features before I invest a lot more time into it. I have documented some of my work as part of a learning process record and had a screen-shot lying on my desktop that I use here to test Crocodoc:

The Annotation tool did not display when I examined the sample doc that I embedded in yesterday's post. The Annotation tools came as soon as I uploaded a document of my own. This seems like a useful tool for remote collaboration on a broader range of document types than Google supports.

The comments that I make on the screen shot describe my reactions to both current status of the development and features of Crocodoc.

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SC Spaeth said...

I tried to adjust the size and shape of the iframe to see whether it would display a small version of the entire page. It didn't work. So, it may take some explanation that the full value of the tool requires scrolling to the right.