Sunday, March 7, 2010

ITeam Scratch Programming

Some ITeam members have embraced Scratch as a creative medium. All ITeam members have shown their enthusiasm for the projects. I have encouraged the programmers to share their work at the Scratch site. Coby has shared one of his simple games. Charlie has programmed several but not yet shared any on the Scratch site. Here I test to see whether I can share their work and extend their audiences.

Scratch Project
The simple embed reference is above and the applet embed is below:

applet id="ProjectApplet" style="display: block;" code="ScratchApplet" codebase="" archive="ScratchApplet.jar" height="387" width="550">/applet> Learn more about this project
It looks as if Blogger won't accept the Applet embed.
Correction: The Blogger Preview did not load the Applet embed when I used the Chrome browser. Now that I have switched to Firefox, it loads the program and starts. Unfortunately, the window is too narrow so the start flag and stop button are hidden out-of-sight. The only way I could stop the program was to leave the page. We'll need some more work on this to find the best ways to share our projects.

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