Saturday, December 5, 2009

Embedding a Wave

I have been learning to use Google Wave and want to know how I can share that with others. Here, I am testing Embeddy, the embedding robot. So, I wrote a wave, added the robot and have copied the embed code directly from the bot tools. When I preview the post, I see blank area in page but not any text. Will be interested to see what happens when I publish.

I had hoped to see the embedded wave in the space below this text but it is not there in any form that is useful for readers or even for debugging the failure to render as I intended. If it didn't display, I was hoping that I'd see some kind of diagnostic (login screen, gadget icon, or other indication of what is going on behind the scenes).

And this one right before your </body> tag:


SC Spaeth said...

Clearly, I don't understand some critical element of this process. I'll have to figure out whether the problem lies here in blogspot or on the wave side.

Juls said...

I came across your post googling embeddy and I see that you couldn't make it work. I succeeded but apparently you have to be logged in to your google account to see the wave. I think you are just doing something wrong while posting. I will also try embedding waves into other blog systems later.
Sorry for invasion. :) Good luck with the Wave!

SC Spaeth said...

Thanks for your invasion, I welcome the interest.
I'm interested to see that I could initiate a private reply to your wave but then immediately got thrown out of the blip and could not add text there.
With your encouragement, I'll go back and try again to see where I can improve process.