Monday, October 19, 2009

But if you teach me to organize, ...

Reuven Carlyle, is a member of the Washington State Legislature. He also blogs about his work and perspectives on governing with special reference to support of education. In a recent post in a series on education, on Community organizing for change, he posted an image of a poster about organizing. He did not cite the work or identify the artist. I tracked that information down and tried to add the embed code to a comment so that others can easily find Ricardo Levins Morales and his larger body of work. The Wordpress comment tool did not allow me to add the embed code as the artist's site requests. I add it below to complete the process.

Click on the image to see more work of this artist.

Thanks to Nils Peterson, Gary Brown, and the Diigo Group CTLT and Friends for the reference.


Adi said...

Thank you so much for the reference. I found the image but didn't see any instructions on giving sorry!!! Reuven.

SC Spaeth said...

We are trying to help our students learn the values of intellectual property and sharing their work for the common good. So we try to model best practices.