Monday, March 9, 2009

iTeam Self-Reliance and Leadership

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My position as iTeams Advisor for MSAD 75 is part time. That aspect of my work turns out to provide unanticipated advantages. I have been trying to foster a sense of leadership among peer mentors. I knew that we reached an important milestone several weeks ago when I learned that three iTeam members at the Middle School met during their Academic Support Time (AST) even though I was attending a meeting at the High School. They even used the iSight camera of one of the workstations in the Media Center to record their meeting. Large glass windows in the wall that separates the Computer Lab from the Media Center allow iTeam members to monitor the need for their support and for Computer Lab staff to provide formal supervision.

With the video, I was able to view their work and use it as part of our assessment for learning. The next time we met face-to-face, we reflected on their meeting. They took responsibility for their work, they helped in the Computer Lab as needed, and did not impose on the time of staff. My view of their work on the Teamboard was not sufficient for me to assess the details of their work but the progress on process issues dwarf the details.

Today, Monday, I chose to telecommute to my other work (Instructional Design with UNEOnline, a program for in-service teachers working at a distance) from home. While I worked, I recalled that an iTeam member had told me he might meet with a teacher about a Technology Assistance Project Monday mornings.
I think I can handle it, ast starts at 10:27 and goes until 11:07
I dont think it will be hard but if i need help i can always recrute somebody
How's that for self-reliance! If we keep this up, iTeam members will take over my work and I may need to find a new position. We can work on the spelling and grammar over time.

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