Friday, October 5, 2007

XO Laptops for teachers, too?

David Pogue, technology reviewer for the New York Times, wrote and video-logged an engaging review of the new XO Laptop, the $200 laptop for kids primarily in developing countries. He worries that sophisticated users may disparage the device and limit its diffusion:
Clearly, the XO’s mission has sailed over these people’s heads like a 747.

The truth is, the XO laptop, now in final testing, is absolutely amazing, and in my limited tests, a total kid magnet. Both the hardware and the software exhibit breakthrough after breakthrough — some of them not available on any other laptop, for $400 or $4,000.
I've thought that I'd like to have a set to work with teachers in learning how to integrate technology into schools. I've signed up to "give one, get one". Will someone please mesh with me?

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SC Spaeth said...

I tried to show this review and video to Rosa and Kate this weekend. On the Suscom cable modem, the video stalled frequently and would not cache the file. I could not let it load and then watch without the buffering fits and starts. I tried it at work this morning and it played through without a stutter. I knew I had better service here but it surprised me to see the size of the difference. If you want to see the future, try a great connection.