Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cradle to cradle learning

Sally Loughlin and I have traded recommendations for professional development reading for several months. Most recently she suggested one outside of our normal boxes: Cradle to Cradle by McDonough and Braungart. They offer an appealing new approach to design of a wide range of artifacts from buildings to communities and books to cars. The TED Conference invited McDonough to present to their meeting and recently published the 20-minute video of his presentation:

The video complements the text-based presentation of the book well so I wanted Sally to know about the video introduction. I could have sent the link to her but chose this post as a better alternative. It is part of my efforts to move from channels to platforms for collaboration.
McDonough presented a user produced video clip of an earlier dialog. He honors the remix culture. How do these principles apply to our work? We already aspire to life-long learning but find difficulty in doing it because of competition for our time and attention. What can we stop doing to make time for this important work?

Note: RSS readers and Google Readers send this post as an email message do not render the embedded video. Since the link is buried in the embedded text, readers need to "View the original" to find the video or link.


Sally Loughlin said...

Hi Steve,
Thank you; the video was great! (Certainly likely to engage others with it!) I got a chance to watch this and will do it again soon.

SC Spaeth said...

Jim Gibbons, engineering faculty at Stanford, showed that recorded video helped in-service professional development of engineers when small groups could stop the video and discuss issues that it raises. I wonder whether we could use something like this it that way.