Friday, April 6, 2007

Google's accessible My Maps tool

Google describes how they have made it easy to create and share maps.
Official Google Blog: Map-making: So easy a caveman could do it: "That's why we're announcing My Maps, a new feature that makes it quick and easy to create your own custom Google Maps just by pointing and clicking. You can add placemarks, draw lines and shapes, and embed text, photos and videos -- all using a simple drag and drop interface. Your map automatically gets a public URL that you can share with your friends and family, or you can also publish your map for inclusion in Google Maps search results. We'll continue to show organic local search results with red pushpins; user-generated results will have blue pushpins. The user-created results include KML as well as maps made through My Maps."
I suspect that this is the killer app for making it possible for nearly anyone to contribute map data to the Read/Write/Map Web. Note that Google will use the maps to push targeted ad-markers. I haven't seen any of them show up on my maps yet so I don't know how objectionable that will be to the presentation. The color delineation helps at least to distinguish my local recommendations from those that have been made algorithmically from California.

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